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After some thought, I think everyone who is active on LJ is now fully on DW too. I'll occasionally check back here, but I'm officially no longer crossposting. Please find me at uminohikari@DW or superborb@twitter/tumblr.
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Yu Ziyuan rec list


I find YZY a very fascinating character. I think she is unambiguously a terrible mother, and definitely caused some serious issues in her children. I think it's rare for a character to be a bad mother while still being portrayed as loving her children and wanting what's best for them, and I wish that was explored more! I can see arguments for her being more and less levels of abusive, especially considering how normal physical discipline is in their society and how much tougher having a developed golden core makes you. 

After reading through all the fics on AO3 tagged with YZY in a day long frenzy, I come with five recs, all quite short:

Numbing by nekokoban [3k, G] 
Food as a divider and a connector between YZY and the family she married into. I love this perspective on YZY's motivations: she feels like a real person, pushing against the constraints of the society she lives in. This fic was what caused me to become so interested in YZY.

MDZS short fics, Chapter 33 by nirejseki [1k, NR] 
This is a much more forgiving view of YZY. Starting from the idea that YZY's actions are ultimately protective of her family and takes it to the logical conclusion.

纸鸢 • paper kite by ewagan [3k, T] 
Second person YZY. I'm always fascinated by how YZY views JFM and how bad at communication they are; their "love languages" are so clearly incompatible.

unblemished by mud, Chapter 4 by chomrafy [1k, NR] 
Short snippet of the women of the YZY generation as teenagers. Cute, and some fun lines.

Drowning Depths Blazing Blue by ExtraPenguin [1k, T] 
A short nighthunt while WWX and JC are children. I loved the kid!logic here.
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MDZS/Untamed fic rec post

The theme is: less than 500 kudos! For the express reason that I had a couple dozen to rec, and this cutoff leads to a nice round 10 recs of presumably less widespread knowledge.

hear my voice and it’s been here by souridealist​ [56k words, E]

Jiang Yanli POV, and not an easy story. This is the fifth part of a series, and the one I loved the most; the others tell the story from other POVs. It can be read first. There had been two months between part 4 and 5, and I think not remembering the details of what happened in the previous parts immersed me in the limited view that JYL has in a more engaging way.

the final cut by wildehack [20k words, E]

This explores Nie Huaisang’s use of Mo Xuanyu, and is as dark as you’d expect from such a subject. Huaisang is complicated and so, so determined.

Call and Response by x_los [9k words, M]

The Lan brothers play Inquiry for Madam Lan, and what is revealed is, of course, tragic. There is one line, that Xichen thinks about Wangji, that punched me in the gut and made me gasp out loud. It’s not my headcanon, but it makes a seriously convincing argument on the backstory and relationship between the brothers.

The Same Cloth by x_los [8k words, T]

Lan Wangji reluctantly brings Wei Wuxian to see a merchant family. I love backstory and worldbuilding and this had both in spades. The descriptions of the textiles were amazing and so immersive. This one is much less dark than Call and Response; they are in the same series but not necessarily related.

A House on Fire by nirejseki​ [10k words, G]

Jiang Cheng and Jin Guangyao raise Jin Ling. It sometimes goes smoothly and sometimes... not so much. It’s quite episodic in the scenes described, which makes it move along very quickly. Each scene is a perfect gem of an interaction.

Warm in the Sun by 50artists [29k words, M]

Fix-it Jiang Yanli/Wen Qing. IMO this fic’s strength is the Yanli characterization: she’s strong and determined.

Rule 3001: Do Not Blink by EHyde [4k words, G]

It’s a Doctor Who fusion, which may seem absurd, but is executed so well. It’s from the Juniors’ perspective, as they investigate a mysterious statue. The perfect length to get a taste for the world in the fusion.

Sprout by EHyde [6k words, G]

Crack taken seriously is one of my absolute favorites, and this is such a fun one. Jingyi is a plant, and Jin Ling discovers this secret. Wen Ning’s final line in this fic is absolute GOLD. 

This is technically a WIP, but I loved what was there. Someone made the joke that the Untamed could be a shonen anime from Jin Ling’s perspective... but what if it was a shojo instead! It’s a Cardcaptor Sakura fusion, and it fits so well. Fairy makes for an excellent Keroberos. Sizhui and Jingyi as Shaoran and Meiling! So good. So perfect.

Truly the fact that only ONE woman doesn’t get fridged is absurd, and Mianmian is rightly angry about it.

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Reconnecting with fandom friends has been AMAZING. I've only been able to find and get in contact with a subset of folks, but I'm thoroughly reminded of how much I love fandom. People excitedly recommending their favorites! Throwing headcanons back and forth!! It's been everything I could have hoped for. The lack of a wider community and of long meta is a little sad, but the people are still around. 

Also, in the intervening decade, people have done some amazing things! There are so many published authors amongst the people I looked up that my list of books to read has grown substantially longer. After all, I once loved their fic, so their pro work must be even better?!

A decade out of touch meant that it is only now that I learned that sunhawk16 has passed away and kracken is very ill. I didn't know either well, but I remember reading their Gundam Wing fic as a teen. I cried when I saw Sunhawk's farewell twelve days of Christmas 1x2 posts. 

Of course, learning this made me only fear what could have happened to all the other folks I couldn't get in touch with, but in the absence of data I will just pretend really hard that everyone else is well!
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(no subject)

FYI, I'm now superborb on twitter and tumblr, in case you were wondering who the weirdo who added you there was!

I was seriously wondering if I should update my username away from.... the extremely teenage weeb one I've had for the last decade and a half, but the decision was taken out of my hands by being unavailable on BOTH twitter and tumblr. I'm pretty sure anyone who still remembers me would associate me with my icon though, so I've kept that the same. We'll see...
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*blows dust off*

The combination of finally leaving schooling behind forever (PhD, get!) and having a ton of extra at home time during the pandemic times has finally gotten me to want to engage in fandom again. I've also been extra nostalgic the last two days, and longing for the good ol' days of LJ. (That one is probably the leaving school and remembering high school times.) For the last oh, 10 or so years, I've been at the outskirts of fandom, mostly chilling on AO3 and occasionally commenting, but I've finally reached the point where I want to talk with people! To squee! Is that term too outdated now?

I've been drifting through cdrama fandoms for a while, and it seems like it'll stick around in my headspace, so I assume it'll be a good jumping back point.

My main joy has been MDZS / the Untamed, but from what I gather, the fandom is mostly on Twitter/Tumblr, maybe with some Discord for flavor? Leaving aside learning a new platform, my problem with those is they're such firehoses of ... large images, which I've always found intimidating! Give me a good wall of text anytime. What to do! 

I should go back to that old mainstay of mine -- back in hikago days when I didn't know anyone, I was known for things like commenting on every single blind go fic. I can't imagine fandom has changed so much that that is unwelcome, even if the art heavy style of Twitter/Tumblr is foreign to me.
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Yuri on Ice

I'm sooo excited that I'm seeing familiar names posting YOI fic! I feel a little out of touch with the fandom because I guess it's mostly on tumblr... But I still can't figure out how to navigate tumblr properly. So I'll just babble about it here.

My current top five list:
1. Home by Pteryx Videos, one of the few vids that I've really enjoyed ever! It was so well cut.
2. Unimaginable by emilyenrose, a short fic that I thoroughly enjoyed and keep coming back to. Teenage!Victor shows up a few years post-YOI and is a bit of a brat. I really loved the Victor characterization in this. (A fic I'd consider in the same genre is Those Second Thoughts You Asked For by akisazame, where Victor can go backwards in time.)
3. Blood In The Water by Mhalachai, a series where Victor's mom is a rusalka. I think Mhalachai tends to abandon some of their long fics, but the fics that are complete in the series are great and standalone.
4. A Roe By Any Other Name by mousapelli seriously made me crave sushi and want to go to Japan just to have sushi.
5. Stargazer by Fahye is a sports AU of a sports anime, and has excellent art to go with the fic.

I am also slowly reading the Nirvana in Fire web novel, but it's going... slowly.
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Nirvana in Fire

I binge watched Nirvana in Fire this week, AND I AM OBSESSED.

I'd like to point out that I've never ever watched a whole show from start to finish before -- even Hikago, I watched pretty slowly, randomly watching episodes. In fact, I can't think of any other show that I watched a. in order and b. completely.

Sadly, my Chinese is definitely not up to the task of reading the original novel, and the online translations seem to only be for a few chapters.

The (English) fandom, or at least the AO3/pinboard recced part of fandom, seems quite small. I think I've at least read the first bits of all the 93 fics currently up. I guess most of fandom is generally on tumblr, but scrolling through tumblr makes me confused... Will just have to keep trawling AO3.

Basically: I should never get into a show that has a super tiny fandom because it just leaves me dissatisfied without long epic fics / meta to roll in.
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For the Hikago fans...

Computers can now compete on the pro level and win. I wonder what Yang Hai would think?

In other news, I've been hit by a wave of historical-fandom interest and reading old-school Star Trek and CLAMP fic. I wasn't exactly ... alive for the former, so it's not quite nostalgia, but it's interesting to see how fandom has changed. For old-school ST, it's especially interesting to me how the reboot fics differ. Is it because of fandom changing or a result of the canon? There's few fic writers who've been around that long and write for both, so it's hard to compare
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Science nights for kids...

I realize I really, really, really enjoy doing demos and such for groups of kids. Volunteering with general after school programs for kids (which I did for 2 years) was fun, but there was lots of down time and it just wasn't as exciting. (And programs with adults are really not my cup of tea, though I didn't realize this until after 4 years...)

Last summer, I was in Minnesota and volunteered a bit with a chemistry program that holds fun chemistry demos in libraries in the area every month. It was exciting and challenging in all the right ways. Like, learning how to explain each experiment and doing each experiment with different age groups meant thinking on the fly, but even if I messed up, the worst that might happen is that the experiment fails.

But what really made me realize this was that tonight, there was a program at the local elementary school for general science? And it was really the most fun I've had in ages. There were such cool experiments, though I didn't get to see much, and to show kids these really strange things you can do with physics? Ultra fun. I did the thing where you set a table and then pull a tablecloth out from underneath! Unfortunately, a plate and a candlestick holder were lost before I learned that actually, really small children can't always pull fast enough, but still. Lost to a good cause :)

I kind of want to try and set up a similar thing at my college. We've been talking about revitalizing the physics department a lot, and it would be so cool! But I don't know how many other people would want to participate -- both events I attended in the past seemed to succeed based on many enthusiastic people, not just pushed through by a few...