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Yuri on Ice

I'm sooo excited that I'm seeing familiar names posting YOI fic! I feel a little out of touch with the fandom because I guess it's mostly on tumblr... But I still can't figure out how to navigate tumblr properly. So I'll just babble about it here.

My current top five list:
1. Home by Pteryx Videos, one of the few vids that I've really enjoyed ever! It was so well cut.
2. Unimaginable by emilyenrose, a short fic that I thoroughly enjoyed and keep coming back to. Teenage!Victor shows up a few years post-YOI and is a bit of a brat. I really loved the Victor characterization in this. (A fic I'd consider in the same genre is Those Second Thoughts You Asked For by akisazame, where Victor can go backwards in time.)
3. Blood In The Water by Mhalachai, a series where Victor's mom is a rusalka. I think Mhalachai tends to abandon some of their long fics, but the fics that are complete in the series are great and standalone.
4. A Roe By Any Other Name by mousapelli seriously made me crave sushi and want to go to Japan just to have sushi.
5. Stargazer by Fahye is a sports AU of a sports anime, and has excellent art to go with the fic.

I am also slowly reading the Nirvana in Fire web novel, but it's going... slowly.


Nirvana in Fire

I binge watched Nirvana in Fire this week, AND I AM OBSESSED.

I'd like to point out that I've never ever watched a whole show from start to finish before -- even Hikago, I watched pretty slowly, randomly watching episodes. In fact, I can't think of any other show that I watched a. in order and b. completely.

Sadly, my Chinese is definitely not up to the task of reading the original novel, and the online translations seem to only be for a few chapters.

The (English) fandom, or at least the AO3/pinboard recced part of fandom, seems quite small. I think I've at least read the first bits of all the 93 fics currently up. I guess most of fandom is generally on tumblr, but scrolling through tumblr makes me confused... Will just have to keep trawling AO3.

Basically: I should never get into a show that has a super tiny fandom because it just leaves me dissatisfied without long epic fics / meta to roll in.

For the Hikago fans...

Computers can now compete on the pro level and win. I wonder what Yang Hai would think?

In other news, I've been hit by a wave of historical-fandom interest and reading old-school Star Trek and CLAMP fic. I wasn't exactly ... alive for the former, so it's not quite nostalgia, but it's interesting to see how fandom has changed. For old-school ST, it's especially interesting to me how the reboot fics differ. Is it because of fandom changing or a result of the canon? There's few fic writers who've been around that long and write for both, so it's hard to compare


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